Update from Nominating Committee

Since first meeting in November 2017 the Nominating Committee prayerfully continues to seek the person God has chosen to pastor Coll linked with Connel. The Committee has met on several occasions and actively pursued one applicant who subsequently withdrew.


Whilst this is disappointing the Committee had a very positive and encouraging meeting with the Vacancy Advisory Committee of Presbytery and has a strong understanding of the next stage of the process.


The Committee has also been advised to revise the Parish Profile and consider other forms of advertising. Every minister in Scotland receives a list of vacant charges each month and our Parish Vacancy has been included in this since December and will continue to be included until the post is filled.


The Nominating Committee would appreciate continued prayer support as they seek a new minister.


Esther MacRae (Convener) & Susan Simpson (Secretary)

World Day of Prayer Fri 2nd Mar 2018

Join us at Dunbeg Church

on Friday 2nd March 2018

at 7.30pm

The World Day of Prayer is an international, ecumenical, prayer movement initiated and carried out by Christian women in more than 180 countries and over 1000 languages. Every year Christians of many traditions and all ages, celebrate a common day of prayer on the first Friday in March.

World Day of Prayer services are held all around the world, beginning in Tonga and New Zealand in the east and continuing throughout the day to Samoa and Alaska in the west. We bring the needs of the world, and of the writing country in particular, before Almighty God knowing that He will hear and answer us, as we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

God invites us to have a prayer relationship with Himself, but He also expects us to have concerned relationships with our neighbours, throughout the world. Prayer must be accompanied by action, as God moves our hearts and directs our thoughts.

This year’s World Day of Prayer is hosted on Friday, 2nd March 2018

The service comes from the Christian Women of Suriname and the theme is: 

“All God’s creation is very good!”

Manse Update

Electrics ~ The Manse wiring has been inspected and the Mains Distribution Board had to be replaced as well as the Smoke Alarms wired to the Mains Supply. We now have the EICR Certificate of Safety.

Kitchen ~ The old units have been removed and Howdens Ltd have fitted a new kitchen, giving more cupboard space.

Flooring ~ All stair and landing carpets have been lifted and disposed of. The kitchen and one bedroom carpets have also been lifted, All other carpets are to be cleaned.

External ~ The chimney to the rear of the property had to be stripped and re-roughcast. All of the main roof has been checked and damaged slates replaced. Roans have been cleaned and vented chimney caps fitted.

Grounds ~ all grounds have been maintained.