Coll Parish Church has stood sentinel on the hill above Arinagour, a distinctive landmark seen by all who approach the village, since 1907, when the building was completed and opened for worship.

Although Christian worship and witness existed on the island long before that date, we are looking forward to celebrating the centenary of the present building in 2007.


To this end a Centenary Restoration Fund has been established with the intention being to restore the back wall of the church along with the tower, re-hang the bell so that it will ring out over the village once again, and re-decorate the interior of the building. This will complete a number of improvements that have been carried out over the past few years including the installation of new windows and oil-fired heating.

Coll Parish Church belongs to the whole island community, not just to those who profess the Christian Faith and attend worship. It is an important part of the island's heritage, a fine building much admired by the many visitors to the island, and worthy of being preserved and maintained in good order for handing on to future generations of islanders.

The doors of Coll Parish Church are always open at all times to welcome everyone, islanders and visitors alike. It is a place where people can find peace of heart and mind in the quietness of God's presence, a place where worship has been regularly offered to God for almost 100 years.