Joint Communion Service ~ Dunbeg Church ~ 11 Mar 2018

Advance notice that the congregations of Dunbeg and Connel will join together at 12pm on Sun 11th March 2018 in the sacrament of Holy Communion.

Should anyone require transport from Connel,

please contact Marion Fisher on 01631 710589 or one of the elders.


“Jesus shared meals with his friends on many occasions. Of the Evangelists, John would take us into
the hills near to the time of Passover, with a multitude in attendance; Matthew, Mark and Luke would take us
especially to the Upper Room, a more intimate coming together. When the apostle Paul had to berate the
Corinthians on aspects of their practice, he clearly understood that the church assembled for its communal
prayers and eating, and it was not each in their own houses. Thus from the earliest sources, as well as
subsequent evidence in writing, art and architecture, we are invited to have a sense of the geography of the
Lord’s Supper. And so this is one aspect, though not the only one, of how we might reflect on the “place” of
the Sacrament.” ~ excerpt from Holy Communion and the Renewal of the Church.


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