Parish of Coll with Connel

DunbegDunbeg inside

The Church in Dunbeg started in the early 1940s when the Admiralty built prefabs to house dock workers and the village of Dunstaffnage was born.

The Church at that time was a Nissan hut which served Dunstaffnage and the Royal Marine base beside it.

The Nissan huts continued to be used. Dunstaffnage grew into the village of Dunbeg and the people wanted a proper Church as the Nissan hut was in a bad condition.

The ship halfpennies collections were started by the Sunday School which numbered about 150 at that time. A committee was formed and fund raising was started – sponsored knits; collections; afternoon teas in houses etc. The money was raised and a volunteer work force began work.

The Church was dedicated on Friday the 24th April, 1981 by the Rt. Rev. William B. Johnston, the Moderator of the General Assembly. Officiating Ministers were Rev. E. McLachlan, Rev. D. MacCallum and Rev. A. Ingram.