Our Minister and Session Clerks

Easter Greetings

Dear Friends

I hope that this message finds you in good health and in good spirits. How I miss our Sunday fellowship and midweek meetings… We are in strange times indeed! But I feel it is a time when we can draw closer to God and feel his peace and gentle presence. I am continuing to work within the current restrictions. Although our churches are closed, I intend to continue to have weekly services through the use of our internet. This is a very special week in the Christian calendar, Holy Week is a time for us to unite and remember our Saviour Jesus. I believe we can still do this from our own living rooms.

On Maundy Thursday and I suggested you join me in communion over the internet on YouTube, via our website, our church’s Facebook page and even my own Facebook page- to share the last supper with Jesus. Also I posted a Good Friday service and an Easter Sunday service so we could celebrate this special time together. I am teaming up with my brother Louis, who is the minister at Arrochar and Luss, to bring these services into your own living rooms. Please keep our brothers and sisters from Arrochar and Luss in your prayers.

Many of you will have Internet through your phone or computers. If you are struggling to get connected, please contact me directly and I (or another technically minded member of the congregation) will be able to help. I want to reach everyone in our congregations; so- if you know of someone without internet, or indeed anyone that needs a prayer, please send me their details. I would like to be able to pick up the phone and share a prayer. Although our solitude can give us the opportunity for stillness, quiet prayer and meaningful reflection, we miss our fellowship with friends and family. Pick up the phone and call a friend or family member or text just to say you miss them. It means so much to hear the voice of a loved one. I want you to know that I am available anytime day or night to talk, give support, or to do a prayer with anyone from our community. So, do not hesitate in contacting me directly or sending me the details of a friend or loved one who would benefit from a prayer:

Manse: 01631710214

Mobile: 07484333923

Other than specific prayers, know that you and your loved ones are in my prayers every day. I am also praying for everyone in our community; that they may have peace and good health through this difficult time.

It is now nearly 6 months since I have moved to the West Coast and I can tell you that I have been blessed in my new charge beyond my wildest expectations. I am so excited by the joy and spirit of the people within our congregations; working hard to strengthen our churches and reach out to others in our community. My visits, our Church services and other activities have all been suspended and my only means of reaching you is over the phone or the internet.

You have shown me your courage, perseverance and love for Jesus and I know we will make it through this difficult time. However, I pray for all our churches. Although our buildings are closed to you and our activities are at a standstill, we still have the ongoing expenses of up keeping our churches. We no longer get plate offerings; other than from those who make their offerings by direct debit. One way that you would be able to help would be to continue making your weekly offerings. An easy way to do this is to set up a direct debit with your bank, which can be done by calling your bank or accessing online banking. Contact Marion or myself for details of the church account. Even if it is for a small amount, every penny will help to maintain our churches and alleviate financial strain. We are also able to accept cash offerings; which we can make arrangements for, if you contact me directly. We can arrange to collect it, if you are unable to arrange a standing order with your bank.

As of today, 121 George Street has instructed us to keep all churches closed to meet new insurance stipulations. Therefore, the church will be locked, until further instruction.

Brothers and sisters in Christ; I know that Jesus is with us and will not abandon us in our time of need. So let us rally together and spread his love and joy this Easter.

With every blessing this Easter

Willem Bezuidenhout.



Session Clerks

The Session Clerk for Coll is

Esther MacRae


Isle of Coll

PA78 6TE

Tel: 01879 230340


The Session Clerk for St Oran’s and Dunbeg is

Marion Fisher

6 Deirdre


PA37 1PL

Tel; 01631 710589